My Perfect Library

Imagine you could construct your very own personal library with zero restrictions on finance or location. Every one has a different idea of perfect, I decided to write a post about my imaginary library and I’d love to hear about yours too.
Read on for my considerations and feel free to tag me in your own Perfect Libraries.

Where does the sun set here? Is it the west? I dunno. Facing in the correct direction is a full wall of bay windows and a set of french doors to throw open in summer. We’re overlooking a countryside of hills and trees. No pylons, no buildings, no traffic. Just nature.
I’ll need a heavy blackout curtain for reading spooks in the daytime.

I’m a fidgeter, and my choice of position depends on the current atmosphere of the book. To cater to all these needs there would be a cosy oversized armchair by an open fireplace- of course, window seats, an oversized bean bag and a teepee in one corner filled with cushions. I considered a hammock but if I’m being honest I am way too clumsy for that.
Instead I’ll place a porch swing on a small patio outside for the summer.

Since I’m dreaming I may aswell be extra and have a chandelier with a dimmer switch. Of course there’s also the non negotiable ornate lamp standing beside the cosy armchair or just the glow of a fire burning.

NO BLOODY SEAGULLS. My library isn’t near the sea, but then again neither is my house and yet all I ever hear is the squawking of those awful sky-rats. No ticking clocks or shouty neighbours either.
The only sounds at this library are songbirds, crickets and the occasional unseen farmyard animal, maybe the rustle of wind through the trees.

Books! I’m not really sure what exactly that smell consists of, but in my mind it’s wood and old paper. There’s a hint of vanilla too, it reminds me of cosy nights at home.

In my perfect library there is an endless supply of my favourite pairings. Salted pretzels and Cherry Cola, fresh berries and Zinfandel Rose Wine, Chocolate Hobnobs and builders Tea, Iced Water and green apples. A food for every mood! Did I forget to mention the never ending supply of Ben & Jerry’s icecream?

The shelves are rustic oak, fitted across every spare inch of wall space, with ornate iron sliding ladders fitted on each wall. (Who doesn’t live to recreate the iconic Belle in the library scene?)
The top shelf of every bookcase displays collectables relating to the titles below.

There’s got to be a system in my enormous hypothetical library. As aesthetically pleasing as it would be to sort by colour, I fear the time it would take me to locate specific choices. For the sake of my logical brain the books are to be sorted first by genre, then author, then colour (or release order for series of course). Here’s the spin, the library will also be split into one side of finished books and one side To-Be-Read.

Thudding back to reality, my actual library doubles as my terribly unorganised dressing room and study. There’s one window facing the neighbours houses and the only seat is a small stool under my perpetually messy vanity table. But still, it’s mine.

Could you envision my perfect library? What does yours look like?

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