My 2019 DNF List

Tell me, was I right to put these books down?

For any who are unsure DNF stands for Did Not Finish. Not in the sense that I didn’t have time or just haven’t gotten around to picking it back up yet. DNF is a conscious decision to put that sucker down and walk away forever!

This is my third annual DNF list. The intention is not to spread negativity, many of these books I’m sure are loved by other readers. I’m going to tell you a little bit about why I stopped reading each, bearing in mind the furthest I got was 32% into any of these titles so my opinions were formed early.

If you think I’ve missed out by putting any of these down please tell me! If you think you might convince me to pick any of them back up please do!

Last year I only DNF FIVE titles! That’s even less than the years before- despite the fact I’m allowing myself to walk away faster than I had previously. Life is too short to waste reading time on books we don’t enjoy.

Let’s take a look…

screenshot_20200103-124016_amazon kindle7061543244519929424..jpg

Little Star – John Ajvide Lindqvist @ 13%

I find Mr Lindqvist can be very hit and miss when it comes to his novels, this was my attempt at a fourth title. The opening couple were terribly unlikable and the bleak setting alongside an extremely slow burning plot threw me off.


screenshot_20200103-124101_amazon kindle3984675015913828594..jpg

We Need To Talk About Kevin – Lionel Shriver @ 10%

Honestly, I’m suprised I only made it to 10% it felt SO MUCH LONGER than that. I was bored, so very bored and I knew I could watch the film to find out what happens so I took the lazy way out!


screenshot_20200103-124042_amazon kindle5170498428799665496..jpg

Ill Will- Dan Chaon @ 32%

Quite often I’ll describe a book as feeling dirty. Not in a fun way, more like a grimy, uneasy kind of disgust– do you know what I mean? Ill Will was going pretty good up until the young male incestuous vibes started to take over. No thankyou.


screenshot_20200103-124142_amazon kindle3041338555350929086..jpg

The Lie Tree- Frances Hardinge @ 10%

I’m not sure I can even pinpoint what made me put this down. Perhaps just a general lacklustre experience when I had many more exciting books screaming at me from my TBR. I’ve seen fellow bloggers putting this up for trade (unread) so I wonder if my initial instinct was correct.



Neon Empire- Drew Minh @ 2%

The most rapid DNF decision to ever be made. The concept is an interesting one and I was excited to receive a Netgalley ARC, however, even the threat of reducing my reviewer score couldn’t stop me giving up. The grammar and writing in general was so appalling I couldn’t even finish one chapter. 


screenshot_20200103-124210_amazon kindle8559427419578434773..jpg

The Wayward Girls – Amanda Mason @ 31%

If I could be convinced to revisit any of these titles I think this might be the one. I put it down initially due to prior commitments- I’d left a blog tour read to the last minute and had to switch out. Afterward I found I wasn’t particularly interested in returning to The Wayward Girls.. so I didn’t. The timelines were confusing and not much had happened yet.


Including previous reads (you can find these on The Page of Shame and The 8 Books I DNF In 2018 ) this makes a grand total of 26 unfinished books in my life time. Not bad, not bad.

Did you DNF any of these titles?

Perhaps you really enjoyed some and think I should try again?

Hit me up in the comments and change my mind…

Author: Roxanne Michelle

Dramatic, curly-haired wannabe writer from a nowhere town in Somerset. Stop-starter of all projects great and small. Here to talk books, film, mental health and lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “My 2019 DNF List”

  1. Of these, I’ve only read We Need to Talk About Kevin. It’s a very slow start of a book. I think I was nearly half way in before I really got stuck in. The end is brilliant. But it’s a lot to read through if you’re not enjoying it.


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