Series To Finish 2019- Sign Up & TBR

Here it is! I’m a little late as always, but finally sat down to sign up to my most anticipated reading challenge of 2019- Series To Finish! Hosted by Anna @ Reader and Proud, you can find the OP right here.. #SeriesTF2019

I stumbled across Anna’s brilliant challenge on twitter and I am here to sign up! I can’t tell you how many unfinished series I have on my owned TBR, I am terrible at trying to ‘savour’ them- when I find a series that really grips me I don’t want to see it end. How many incredible books am I missing out on with this notion? 2019 is the year to find out..
I’m currently sitting on over 400 unread books, ridiculous I know- but with so many exciting new releases, auto-buy authors and cracking book sales how could I ever stop buying more? Over Christmas I received a total of £80 worth in Kindle vouchers (eBooks are my favourite format, I make no apologies) and I reached a point where I could no longer spend it! There are 2019 releases to look forward to of course, but I own almost every published book I’m truly excited for.
I love that this is a year long challenge. I don’t have a reading schedule and I’m an awful mood reader so I’m not the best at sticking to a short-term TBR. With #SeriesTF2019 I’m committing to read books I know I’ll enjoy, most of which I already own so it won’t be too costly either. My TBR includes two re-reads and a few 2019 releases which Anna has assured me is included in the challenge.
Want to see what I’ve picked?

Passage Trilogy
The Passage Trilogy – Justin Cronin
I’ve actually already completed this one. I picked up City Of Mirrors on January 1st and didn’t put it down until I’d finished it the next day. A fantastic start to my reading year! You can learn more about the plot here: Book Review- The Passage/ The Twelve- Justin Cronin

Six Stories- Matt Wesolowski
I first read Six Stories last year and was an instant fan. I always enjoy books with multiple POVs and Wesolowski writes these thrillers in the form of interviews for a podcast. Whilst I don’t usually enjoy interview dialogue I found the use of a narrator kept the story flowing and easily lost myself in the plot. I look forward to the next two mysteries.

james herbert
The Rats Trilogy- James Herbert
I didn’t think a horror story about rats could be so frightening! I devoured the first one a few years ago but it completely slipped my notice that this was the start of a trilogy. I now own Domain but I haven’t read it because Lair comes first. So I’ll be purchasing that soon so I can get more of my Herbert horror fix. This guy knows how to scare!

song rising
The Bone Season- Samantha Shannon
If you’ve explored my blog before you may be familiar with my love of the Bone Season. I’ve actually only read the first two books in what Shannon promises will be a seven book series. I’m not aware of the release date yet for TBS4 but I do have The Song Rising sitting patiently on my kindle, I’ve been too scared to read it thus far because how how HOW will I cope waiting for the next release?
And speaking of releases..
2019 is the year of trilogy endings. Sitting high on my list are some fantastic YA sagas:
Finale – Caraval Trilogy- Stephanie Garber
Scar – Skin book Trilogy- Alice Broadway
Rebel – Extinction Trials- Susan M Wilson
Other- Last Reality #3- Kirsten Miller & Jason Segel
The Toll- Arc Of A Scythe- Neal Shusterman
Can anyone say PRE-ORDER?

During some of my many eBook sale rampages over the last couple of years I’ve picked up bits and pieces of a few series I’ve always meant to begin… if I start these in 2019 then they’d become ‘series to finish’ right? So if I can be cheeky enough to include these owned titles:

Delirium Trilogy- Lauren Oliver
Wool, Shift – Silo Series – Hugh Howey
Unwind – Neal Shusterman
The Butterfly Garden, The Roses of May- Dot Hutchinson
The Lunar Chronicles- Marissa Meyer

And to finish off this heart-stopping TBR I’ve committed myself for the first time to re-read two of my all-time favourites as part of my New Year Resolutions.

Harry Potter- J.K Rowling (7 books)
After watching the movies over the Christmas period I’ve realised it’s high time I re-read the books, there is so so much content missing from the film adaptations and I need to revisit it!

The Dark Tower- Stephen King (7 books)
The very first books to bring a tear to my eye, I was so completely invested in these characters when I first read about them in 2003 that I found myself wondering what they were up to whenever I wasn’t reading!
With this reading challenge alone that brings me to a grand total of….

34 BOOKS- over a third of my Good Reads target for 2019!


Follow the link up top to Anna’s OP if you’d like to sign up, or join us on twitter with #SeriesTF2019.

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