Is Your Friendship Over?

Not all friendships are forever, how and when should you walk away?

What do you do when a relationship has run it’s course? They’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve done nothing wrong, there just doesn’t seem to be any interest left.

If you are extremely lucky then you’ll both come to the same conclusion at around the same time and the friendship gently fades into the background and becomes fond memories.
In this ideal scenario you can bump into each other in the street and stop for a hug and a quick chat, or be at the same social gathering, (e.g a mutual friends wedding or a public event) and reminisce with ease about the good times you had. No pressure to schedule a meet up, no guilt about having lost touch, just a mutual understanding that life moves on.

But when one of you feels differently the entire situation can end up an emotional train wreck for both parties.

There’s simply no polite way to explain that you don’t want to meet up anymore..

You’ve had some great times but maybe you don’t have the same interests these days. Perhaps traits that never bothered you before have become toxic, and you’ve always known and accepted them but feel you need to distance yourself now.

Sometimes friendships fade when one person is in a new relationship, or has children, maybe a change in career or moving to live further away has distanced you from each other.
It could be one of you has outgrown the other, your tastes or attitudes have changed and you just don’t gel nowadays.

Sometimes, and though it sounds harsh it is true- there just isn’t enough time. I know they say you should MAKE TIME and if you want your friendship to continue then you definitely should. But actually you don’t have to.

If you’ve reached the point where meeting a friend is ALWAYS a chore and you keep putting it off or can think of other things you’d rather do then perhaps you should call it a day, for their sake as well as your own.
It’s important to know the difference between your own aversion/laziness/time constraints and a definite end to the friendship. Sometimes forcing yourself to go and meet this person leads to a fantastic time and you come away wondering why you’d ever doubted them. However, if you spend time with a friend and find you are consistently not enjoying their company- it’s time to re-evaluate.

My question is though, what is the right way to go about it?

What would you do?

Author: Roxanne Michelle

Dramatic, curly-haired wannabe writer from a nowhere town in Somerset. Stop-starter of all projects great and small. Here to talk books, film, mental health and lifestyle.

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