Unfollow, Mute or Block?

Why I’m heavy handed with my social media settings…

Social media is a tricksy beast. It can be a wonderful source of comfort, companionship and support, or it can drag you down into a black hole of negativity. I firmly believe there’s a knack to using the tools at our disposal. Today I’m sharing my methods…

Effect on mental health

First and most importantly, we are all very much aware of the effects of social media on our mental health. You only need to look at modern society to see the struggle. I will instantly block anyone who puts out derogatory content. I won’t open a thread, I won’t attack or defend, I just say NOPE and hit that button. I don’t give second chances, I don’t need to! It’s not like I know any of these people and they don’t know me either, they don’t even know or care if I’m reading their post. There are millions and millions of voices out there – they aren’t all good. Why should I waste a second of my time on anyone who doesn’t meet my expectations of basic human decency? This goes for newbie accounts, trolls, celebrities, politicians and your casually racist grandma.

I’m always conscious that every time we interact in an argument or debate, every time we retweet to share in our disgust we are increasing the audience of the OP. There’s raising awareness yes, but there’s also strengthening the platforms of genuinely bad people. In some cases turning your back does more damage to them than engaging. Don’t feed the trolls- as they say.

Community drama

I’m sure each has their own, I myself only come across that of the bookish community. Though it’s usually just the echo of drama that reaches me. I often see others tweet about spilled tea and negative reactions but I rarely see the root and I don’t go looking for it. Some of my favourite follows take time away from social media stating online politics as the cause. I often wonder what they’re seeing that I’m not, but I don’t want the gossip or the drama. I’m here for the support and interesting discussions and thankfully that truly is all I find on my feed. I put this down to the possibility I’ve previously blocked or muted the offending account(s).

Say no to FOMO

Perhaps I am missing out on some interesting content, but I use Twitter for friendship and entertainment and my blog is a hobby. Neither of those should spill into my personal life, atleast not to the extent it could cause any issues. It doesn’t worry me if I don’t know what’s going on today I’ll just scroll on til I either find content I can engage with or decide to make my own. I’m a duck- see this water pouring off my back? Can’t even feel it. But while I don’t suffer fear-of-missing-out there are still times curiosity will get the better of me and I’ll ask what’s happened, I’m not seriously a duck guys, us humans can be nosy creatures!

Personal preferences

Here’s where you might think I get a little brutal, because I mute some really lovely people. It’s not because I dislike them or they’ve offended me in any way. These are the folks that I choose not to follow, purely because their content doesn’t interest me- yet they often appear in my feed via mutuals liking, sharing and interacting with them. As I understand it muted accounts can still interact directly, and in such an event I will respond- I’m not a monster! I may also rethink my choices and follow them afterward.

One little rule..
I never mute any accounts I follow, that feels like a dirty trick. I may aswell say – Hey, I follow you to get my numbers up and have no interest in what you say.

Muted words

My favourite function on Twitter is the mute words setting. The very first thing I did after creating my account was to mute the word ‘Trump’. The world can be a pile of garbage some days and the constant rage surrounding the current president was present in my feed at all times. That kind of shit is draining. I can watch the news for current events, I don’t need everyone else’s opinion rammed up my nose. I on and off mute the word ‘Brexit’ for the same reason, some weeks I’m just tired of it.
I’ve used the mute function on a few fandoms over the past year too. Ever feel like your feed is filled with the same thing over and over but it just doesn’t interest you? MUTE MUTE MUTE!
Nestled on my mute list you’ll find things like Love Island, Doctor Who, TATBILB and even dicksoap!

I like to think of my Twitter feed and my WordPress reader as uniquely curated, by me for me. I make no apologies for my choices, so far they’ve served me well. Facebook aside, social media is a place I can successfully seek refuge.
Now if only I could block my mother’s overactive Facebook page without breaking her heart… someone needs to tell that woman we don’t always need to see her dinner or know what movie she’s watching!

Author: Roxanne Michelle

Dramatic, curly-haired wannabe writer from a nowhere town in Somerset. Stop-starter of all projects great and small. Here to talk books, film, mental health and lifestyle.

12 thoughts on “Unfollow, Mute or Block?”

  1. So I completely learned something new from your post! I did not know I can mute words 🙂 I love that concept. I agree with you on the FOMO, you can get into that mode without noticing, and it is definitely not healthy. I try to keep my social media use to specific hours in the day, and that’s that. What I get to see and react to during those time slots is what I get. There is life to be lived in the real world. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh it’s sooo useful. There’s been lots of my mutuals talking about the ‘grishaverse’ lately and whilst I adore some of those people I’m not interested in that particular fandom. So I mute the word and don’t miss any of their content that I do want to see.

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  2. The sign of someone who’s seen it all in the online book community is that they know what dicksoap you were referring to. I’m one of those people.

    Unfortunately, I personally think that it’s better to engage (when you have the energy,) I totally don’t blame anyone for not doing so, but letting people think I’m not concerned when people like Bre Faucheux (2016 video, if you’ve been in the community that long) or the ‘Black booktubers just aren’t as good as others’ girl spout their nonsense is like saying their views are ok – which they aren’t. Also, I refuse to be silenced by Queerphobic a**holes. (I do find that glitter gifs shut them right up though… they’re scared of catching the Gay.)

    I DO know what you mean though – you do what’s right for you! There’s some days when I just can’t be bothered with all that, so I mute, block, etc. as needed. Plus the report button is always a good one – especially when you don’t feel like arguing with people who are saying the vilest sh** imaginable.


  3. I just discovered the mute feature on Instagram and it has been a lifesaver!! I slowly started leaving some facebook groups that were constantly notifying me and making me feel overwhelmed. These features have become so helpful!


      1. What really gets me is the.. Miss X is attending an event near you.. Mr A has updated his news feed.. Did you see Mrs Y’s new profile photo..

        Just go away already! It’s like facebook wants to breed stalkers 😂

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  4. I’m definitely guilty of looking for the root of the drama which is something I’m getting better at stopping. Muting words gives my mind break especially when there’s something bad or triggering happening and everyone is talking about it.


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