‘Would You Rather?’ Challenge: Bookish Edition

A big thank you to the wonderful Kelly for tagging me in this challenge with such fun questions! Head over and check out her answers at Paperback Adventures be sure to look around, it’s a fabulous blog ❤

Let’s dive in!

  • Would you rather your favourite book be adapted into a movie or your favourite movie adapted into a book?

This is an easy one to start with. I find it really difficult to read a book after watching a movie, I’m far too impatient when I know what’s to come. If I’m choosing my favourite movie then I can picture everything ahead of reading it and I won’t appreciate of the descriptive text. BUT if my favourite book is being adapted into a movie then I want to choose who’s directing and it HAS to be true to the book.

  • Would you rather listen to an audiobook that’s playing the book backwards, or listen to an audiobook that’s being read out in monotone?

As much as I hate monotone I’d prefer that, I think hearing a book read backwards would really mess with my head!

  • Would you rather spend the day with your favourite main character and have them hate you, or spend the day with your least favourite villain and have them love you?

Okay Kelly, now its getting difficult! But wait, I may have found my own loophole here. What if my favourite main character IS a villain and I want them to hate me? Aha!

  • Would you rather get an exclusive book straight from your favourite author, hate it, and have to tell them you hate it, or never read a book from your favourite author ever again?

I hope my favourite author would understand that not every reader will love every book they write. I would also be very constructive in the way I explained my personal reaction. Ooh, and and and, I’d cheat and tell them Kelly made me do it so I could continue reading their books!

You know, now I think on it, my favourite author is Stephen King and I HATED his new book Elevation. I’m not going to tell him that.. but even if I did I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be fazed.

  • Would you rather have a friend borrow your book but dog-ear the pages, or write all over the pages?

Dog ear those pages friend. Only the tiniest of corners though.

  • Would you rather be sentenced to jail for the rest of your life but have access to every book ever published, or never go to jail but be unable to read another book for the rest of your life?

Whoa. Jumped straight to the torture there Kel. I do love reading, but I don’t think I could cope in jail. I have to know I could go outside if I wanted to… I mean, yeah I usually don’t because I prefer reading! But if you took the choice away? Nope I need freedom over stories.

  • Would you rather only read books from your favourite genre forever, or read books from all other genres but your favourite for the rest of your life?

I’m very much a mood reader and I enjoy a small range of genres. Horror is my favourite, but I need to break from it now and then or it loses it’s impact. I’d miss my horror stories but I could distract myself with all the fantastic dystopian, thrillers and fantasies on my TBR, I’d be okay with that.

  • Would you rather read the last chapter of the book before starting to read it, or never read the last chapter of a book ever again?

Oh no! Reading the last chapter could ruin the entire atmosphere throughout the book- especially if it was in the mystery/suspense genre. I guess I’d rather that than begin each book knowing I could never finish it though.

  • Would you rather wait ten years for the final book in a series, or have it straight away but have to read every spoiler about it before you can start reading it?

I’d wait 10 years. Imagine the suspense! What if I don’t know it’s coming? Maybe I could think the series is finished then BAM! Surprise release 10 years later that sends me back to re-read and rediscover it all from the beginning in time for the finale? Someone should do this. NOT you JK, stop ruining Harry Potter with your unnecessary additions.

  • Would you rather only ever read series of books, or only ever read standalone books?

I love character development, it’s never better than in a series. As long as I can jump back and forth between them I’d be fine with this. If you want me to read every book in each series consecutively then I change my answer to stand alones. This woman needs variety!

Wheeew, that was tough!

I’m going to continue this evil with some ultimatums for you guys.. yes, you gotta pick one! Have fun..

Would you rather read only at night for the rest of your life or only during the day?

Would you rather have the first page of a book missing or a random page missing in the middle?

Would you rather you could only read books from independent authors or only read mass market paperbacks. 

Would you rather live as a character in an old English classic or a fantasy novel?

Would you rather write to your favourite author and spell their name wrong or have them sign your book and spell your name wrong?

Would you rather have to choose your books by title only or by cover art only?

Would you rather write an entire book by hand or on the worlds oldest typewriter?

Would you rather never watch any screen adaptations of your favourite books, or be forced to watch the book-to-screen creations of all your favourite books no matter how badly they are done.

Alright, I think I went a little easier on you than Kelly did!

I tag







and readers feel free to join us 🙂

What would you rather??

Author: Roxanne Michelle

Dramatic, curly-haired wannabe writer from a nowhere town in Somerset. Stop-starter of all projects great and small. Here to talk books, film, mental health and lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “‘Would You Rather?’ Challenge: Bookish Edition”

  1. Whoa! Tough qs there but you got thru them hahaahaha well done! No writings on my books for me too! That’s a big no no! And prison? No thank you either! And guess what. I didn’t knw I was tagged until when I read your post! Wonder why I didn’t get any notifications Hmmm I’ll try to work on your qs as soon as I can Roxanne. And tq for thinking of me! 😘Xoxo


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