4 Quick & Simple Ways To Make Me Read Your Blog

Every blogger has a hook, that element that makes a reader click on your link. We all respond to different types, here’s a look at what works for me..

Post titles.

This is most important for me. A lot of my blog hopping is squeezed into tea breaks at work, so titles with numbered lists like ‘5 ways to..’ and ‘3 things that..’ or ‘A mini review of’ grab me as you’ve let me know I’ll have time to read them.

Discussion posts with titles like ‘How do you..’ or ‘Why I..’ tell me the blogger is open to engagement, these I prefer to read in my free time so I can comment or open a dialogue.

Giving me a hint within your post title of how long I’m going to spend on your blog makes it easier for me to say YES I’ll click on this one. We’re all super busy folks, blogging is unfortunately not my first commitment (Oh how I wish it was).



If the post title doesn’t give me enough insight or I’m undecided whether to read it an image can still pull me in. Flat lays can become somewhat generic (no matter how pretty) but if I recognise a book, film, place, fandom etc I’m all in.

It’s easier to identify my favoured bloggers when they use their own personal thumbnail design or memes/tags with a designated image, these can be enough to have me on board before I even clock the post title.



These give a strong sense of community. They’re easy to read, usually have a schedule and give a sense of togetherness to anyone joining in. I always search for the original creator* and give them a follow first, then I’ll spend a little time looking at different blogger contributions and consider whether I want to join in.



I’ve seen many people comment on their dislike of tags. Personally I love them. I find it’s a fun and quick way to find common ground with other bloggers or learn something new about them that they might not mention otherwise.

They can be repetitive though. There’s only so many times you need to tell us about your favourite author or what your worst habit is. When I find a tag with unique or interesting questions I’ll follow the links to many more contributors. (Always, always credit meme/tag creators as well as the blogs you first discovered them on or the bloggers who tagged you in)


And that’s my main four!

What makes you read a post?



Author: Roxanne Michelle

Dramatic, curly-haired wannabe writer from a nowhere town in Somerset. Stop-starter of all projects great and small. Here to talk books, film, mental health and lifestyle.

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