Harry Potter Swag Giveaway!

Hiiii everyone.

Those who followed me before this post will know I am not exactly an organised blogger!

I post a bit here and a bit there when I feel like it, well, more likely when I actually have time to do it. I have notebooks, phone memos and white boards filled with blog post ideas, book review notes, health discussions, novel ideas and other assorted random thoughts.

I constantly question how you all do it! Some of you with full time jobs as well as homes, families and social lives to keep up with. It’s beyond impressive.

So this space you’re visiting right now is my unorganised, sometimes unloved, always unplanned jumble of thoughts.

Today I reached 50 blog followers, (welcome aboard @charlottesomewhere)

That’s a nice little achievement for a side project I occasionally do for fun.

To THANK YOU all I’m giving away an item of YOUR choice from my Harry Potter bundle.


All you have to do is follow An Average Life on WordPress & Twitter to enter.

I’ll even enter you twice for a retweet.

The lucky winner will be chosen on December 1st!

Good luck


NB-unfortunately I cannot post international.

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