Netflix won us all over with one fantastically deployed tactic. One that inspires memes galore.


I never stop being impressed by the marketing genius behind this one simple function.



The automatic process of Netflix beginning the next episode within seconds leaves most of us without enough time (or maybe willpower) to get off of our sofas, out of our beds or up from our desks.

Simply taking away the need for us to choose whether or not to start that next episode leaves the weaker among us fixed in place, sometimes for hours. The description ‘bingeworthy’ television applies to a show you can access all episodes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky Box Sets being the most used (legal) option.

Putting some incredible exclusive titles under a trademark such as Netflix Originals alongside a program that automatically continues playing is a stroke of brilliance.

‘Netflix and chill’, ‘Are you still watching?’ and ‘Who is watching?’ memes saturate all social media platforms and Netflix is now a household name. It’s become acceptable to spend an abundant amount of time on television marathons and avoiding spoilers online is a frequent struggle.

Netflix recommendations are now a standard conversational topic for me at work, over dinner with my parents, on social media platforms and among friends which prompted the idea for this tag.

Judge My Netflix as you will.

Each ‘episode’ will be themed and include a minimum of 5 picks.

Feel free to tag and join in!


 Episode One- Judge My Netflix On Halloween

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