#JudgeMyNetflix On Halloween

Welcome Ghosts and Ghouls to the very first episode of #JudgeMyNetflix

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, though full disclosure I cannot stand pumpkin! I’m all in for carving one and I might be persuaded to tolerate the seeds if I’m on a (rare) health kick, but pumpkin spice? Nooo thankyou!

For me October means a long list of horror releases to catch at the cinema, books read by candlelight, walks in the woods at night, and an endless supply of sugary goodness. My partner has a long standing tradition of immersing himself in video games for Halloween, this years choices Outlast and The Evil Within.

When we aren’t reading novels, exploring woodland, destroying monsters or sidestepping sugar comas we can be found tangled in blankets on the sofa, hypnotised by the time thief that is Netflix!

Here are my top picks for Halloween 2017.


Stranger Things

Predictable I know but if you aren’t on this bandwagon it’s time you chase after the rest of us! Stranger Things has to be the best thing I have ever seen on television, and I don’t usually buy into
hype. Set in the 80’s, armed with a phenomenal soundtrack, unbelievable acting talent and a spectacular storyline Stranger Things season 1 & 2 should top everyone’s watchlist this week.


ahs2American Horror Story 

I love that each season has a new storyline and can be watched as a stand alone, though the AHS veterans among us might spot some easter eggs and connect the scattered dots in this mind bending series. I advocate for season 2 Asylum but opinions differ far and wide on season favourites. If you’re looking for a binge watch with in-your-face gore, psychological terror and a twisting storyline AHS is a must.


Bates Motel 

Based around the early life of Norman Bates the original Psycho. Be warned this show contains sexual violence from the outset. Shortly after season one aired I came across several online petitions to have the show pulled for it’s ‘suggestions of incestuous behaviour’. If you like a shuddering, uneasy scare that creeps up behind you, this is the one.




The Descent 

I first watched this as a teenager with a few friends whilst my parents were away for the night. When they arrived home several of our neighbours complained of the horrendous noise emitting from my lounge the night before.

I shrieked my way through this one, still do! Heart pounding, claustrophobic, hold-your-breath suspense with plausible monsters and no real story line to distract you from your own fear.


Silent Hill

Of course we needed a video-game based recommendation. I find something inherently scary about human figures that act in inhuman ways. The jerky movements, animalistic sounds, and lack of facial expressions terrify me! With Silent Hill you also get an interesting story line, a continuous sense of danger and if Pyramid Head doesn’t follow you into sleep I give up!


What did I miss?

What are you watching tonight?


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2 thoughts on “#JudgeMyNetflix On Halloween

  1. J.W. Martin says:

    Strange Things is awesome, never could get into Bates Motel. My wife likes it. I find it to be a very uncomfortable show. When someone starts acting crazy, and then the person they’re talking to goes, “You think you’re crazy? I’m twice as crazy as you.” Just makes me want to leave the room out of awkwardness. The other 2 I haven’t seen.

    Liked by 1 person

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